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IMG_0889Lisa Tanker is on a mission to help people embrace a healthy lifestyle and live their Best Life! Lisa has started an Amazing Transformation Community that is dedicated to providing resources and inspiration to help people transform their body, mind and soul. Join Lisa in this movement, be inspired and use your inspiration to inspire others!

Lisa Tanker is considered the guru of fitness and lifestyle for people seeking to enhance their lives through fitness and healthy living. Lisa’s trademark is her Dynamic Energy, Positive attitude, and Ability to push clients to peak performance. Lisa’s upbeat spirit and ability to make every client feel exclusive has quickly propelled her to be a top sought after fitness and lifestyle expert.

A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Lisa earned an undergraduate in Healthcare Management thereafter going on to earn her Master of Health Administration and Master of Business Administration. After working 8 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Lisa decided to follow her passion of helping people become fit by fusing her knowledge of healthcare with fitness. Lisa opened a private fitness studio and began coaching her clients to good health. Lisa’s approach has been to educate clients on nutrition, fitness and lifestyle so that they can be healthy and maintain a beautiful body everyday of their life.

Lisa has been able to help thousands of women achieve healthy lifestyles with the “Bikiniology” Fitness Program she designed. After helping women to transform their lives, Lisa began to see a common theme with the women who lost weight and improved their health that included: improved self confidence, body image and a better outlook on life. Lisa also observed how the improvement in body image better health contributed to women being able to translate their new found confidence into achieve personal and professional goals that ranged from starting a new business to improvement in their personal relationships.

Lisa has been able to share her transformation message as a regular guest on CBS Better Mornings Atlanta, Fox5 Atlanta, CBS Atlanta Plugged In, the Dana Barrett Show Biz 1190AM, The Jennifer Keitt 104.1FMShow, Atlanta Journal and Constitutions Lifestyle Blog. Lisa has also been featured in Best Self Atlanta Magazine.

Lisa is dedicated to inspiring and empowering you to embark on a health and wellness journey that will help you transform your life and live your best Life.


Join Lisa and be a part of the Amazing Transformation Community

If you truly want to become more fit and active and improve your health, you have found the right community. Lisa will be your coach and cheerleader along with the other amazing people who are a part of the community. Lisa understands that the demands and stress our lives can directly affect our ability to life a healthy lifestyle.

Lisa will teach you how to change your thoughts so you can change your life while also giving you strategies to help you make fitness and healthy living a part of your life.

Join the Amazing Transformation Movement with Lisa, decide to change your life and share your voice to inspire others. Together, We can transform the masses and life our Best Life!
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