Diane Williams

My name is Diane Gabrielle Williams. I got tired of going into the plus size section of Department Stores. I decided at age 26, I needed to change my life for the better. 
I started my weight loss journey in 2004. I joined the gym and I took advantage of going to all the aerobic


Chris Peterson

I ran and worked out pretty consistently up until 5-6 years ago. I replaced running or working out at lunch with actually eating lunch at a new job. I was served large portions because I was a big guy and eventually weighed slightly less than 270 lbs. About the time I was really feeling bad


Tiffany Kelly

My Life is Forever Changed!! 
At the age of twenty-four, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I was given medication to keep my pressure maintained. By the age of twenty-nine I was up to two medications. My doctors told me I would never get off of the medication because most people don’t and my


Recharda Grayson

After years of working out in the gym without optimal results, I decided to join a fitness camp and what a difference 12 weeks made in my life. Although the workouts were challenging and sticking to the meal plan sometimes was even harder, I was determined to exceed my goals. When I started on my


Nick Gallegos

My transformation began in 2007. I was 305 pounds. It was difficult for me to climb stairs or even walk without becoming short of breath. I was in my mid-twenties and my cholesterol was elevated. I was wearing size 44 jeans. I also had a back injury that the doctor attributed to my weight. At


Irish Fredrick

April 2014, the day that truly showed me a change had to come. Annual yearly lab work routine. My doctor entered the examination room with my chart, results. He looked me directly in the face and said,” You will be your best friend or worst enemy”. Everything highlighted in red. I was over weight, on


Darrius Grier

Hi, my name is Darrius Grier, 
As a child I grew up in a traditional southern household with traditional morals serving the lord. I am a Christian 26-year-old man who is striving each day to be more of a disciple for Christ. As a child I was obese, from the traditional style of home cook


Wanda Leonard

Growing up I was a very thin child. I remember crying to my mother that I couldn’t hit 100lbs. As an adult I filled out, but still considered myself to be a “decent” size. When I moved to Georgia in 2001 I really begin to pick up weight. There were so many buffets and great


Bev Talley

Over the past few years, I had some personal challenges that caused me to gain weight and lead to depression. In the Fall of 2014 during a routine doctor’s visit, she told that she had high blood pressure, was at risk of stroke, heart disease, and diabetes and I was at my highest weight of


Laura Ana

I am 26 years old and always wanted to do a bikini competition. Although I worked out, I never saw the results. I decided to hire a trainer and focus more on healthy eating. Coming from a Hispanic background, I had to learn how to have portion control over heavier flavored or carb based foods

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