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gray1After years of training clients, battling my own health issues and having life happen to me, I realized that I had to make fitness and healthy living a priority in order to be happy and serve my purpose to inspire women to live their best life. I am a mother, entrepreneur, fitness and lifestyle coach and woman on a mission to help women across the world transform their lives.

I have coached over 1,500 women that are busy taking care of everything and everyone else while neglecting their own needs. I understand the plight of balancing the demands of life and want to share with you how to regain your commitment to yourself. As you make a decision to start an exercise program, it is key that you not focus on how much time you don’t have but instead focus on how you will make time to incorporate fitness into your life. It is also key that you change your focus from how hard you think working out and eating healthy are to instead opening your mind to the new possibilities of what can happen when you make a decision focus on your health.

Four steps to discover a new you on this Transformation Journey:

  1. Acknowledge that you want to be healthier – I have trained hundreds of women and one common theme I have found is that when we aren’t in the shape we want to be in, we are often dishonest with ourselves. For example, we may accept that we have high blood pressure and diabetes or attribute being overweight and other health issues to heredity while continuing the very habits that caused our health challenges. We can only change our life by first being honest about where were are and where we want to be.
  2. Be vulnerable and open to Change – Being vulnerable can be challenging as it means that we have to be open to possibly needing help. It is important that you determine the level of support you need as well as what your short and long term goals are. Changing your lifestyle can be uncomfortable since it requires a level of discipline that involves you planning to cook healthy and a schedule that incorporates day to day activity even with your current responsibilities. Although this sounds challenging, ask yourself, if your employer required you to increase your work hours by 2 hours a day to keep your position, would you find the time to fulfill your duties to keep your job? Most people would say yes even if this would mean being unhappy about the situation. If something is important to you, you will find time to make it a priority. Fitness and healthy eating need to now be that priority for you.
  1. Understand that it is OK to be Nervous – When you start your new journey you may be excited about getting healthier and fit. I have seen some women get just as nervous as they are excited. Some for fear of failure, others for the fear of success and some because they will now be held accountable. I want you to know that it’s ok to be nervous. The key is to set goals that are so important to you that you don’t let your fear paralyze you from taking action.
  1. Dedicate yourself to your journey and Take Action – Make your health so much of a priority that it is now a part of your daily life. Each day be dedicated to your goals and take action steps like eliminating processed foods from your grocery list and setting a weekly workout schedule. Just like your other obligations, living a healthy life has to become priority.

What will happen when decide to focus on your health? You will discover a new you and Transform Your Life! That new you will be more energetic, more confident, more balanced and have discipline. That new you can translate your new level of discipline with fitness and healthy eating to other areas of your life. I’ve seen that new you translate into job promotions, new relationships and confidence in starting new ventures that once were just a thought. It’s truly amazing what happens when we have our physical and mental health. So today, I want you view fitness and healthy living differently by understating that you can and will discover a New You by making fitness and health a lifestyle.

“Transform Your Life”

Lisa Tanker

Fitness and Lifestyle Expert

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